MIssion and Vision

"Serve one another through love." (Galatians 5:13)

Our mission is to act as servants of the sacred Cross of Christ, serving God, His people and the Church in any way in which we are called. We seek to spread the Gospel and bring souls to the salvation made possible through the Cross and to show forth the love of Christ exemplified by His death and passion on the Cross, in all that we do. We endeavour to live a life of prayer and good works in obedience to the Rule and Constitution of the Community, each in our own particular circumstances, utilizing our individual God-given gifts and talents.

We are committed to upholding the historic Catholic Faith. The discipline of community is a powerful aid in living out this life of prayer and service.

The vision and prayer of The Servants of the Sacred Cross is that the Sisters who have been called by God to the Community will become a strong and faithful presence of service and prayer in parishes and communities around the world, constant in their emulation of the love and servanthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In humility and charity the Sisters seek to witness to Jesus’ high priestly prayer, That they all may be one (John 17:21). Having been originally established from within the Anglican Communion, and while retaining much of that rich heritage, SSC has been called to a wider ecumenical vision, opening membership not only to Anglican women but also to women of all Rites of the Catholic Church.

The Sisters' Rule includes a mandate of focused prayer for priests as well as for the orthodoxy and unity of the Universal Church, the whole Body of Christ.