Habit and Religious Name  

The Sister’s primary witness is through what she is in living the Gospel. But there is a marked benefit to being easily identified. The religious habit is a distinctive means of witness and sign of parochial availability. The habit also serves to remind the Sister herself of the beauty of her vocation and the commitment she has made. It guards against vanity and helps to uphold the Vow of Simplicity. The habit is never to become a source of pride or self-righteousness for the Sister. It is worn in humility and with dignity.

The Sisters of The Servants of the Sacred Cross wear a religious habit consisting of a plain navy blue tunic with scapular, wide white collar and a navy blue veil. Novices wear a white veil. Sisters may wear a six-decade Brigettine habit Rosary on the left side of the belt. The wearing of a habit Rosary is optional.

Postulants and Novices wear a wooden cross on a navy cord while the Professed Sisters wear a pewter cross with superimposed anchor, in keeping with the SSC’s motto, Crux Mihi Ancora, "The Cross is my Anchor". The anchor is an ancient Christian symbol signifying hope.

There are guidelines as to when the habit must be worn by Sisters, but it is not mandatory to wear it at all times unless the Sister desires to do so. There is also a form of "work habit".

Members of the Community are addressed as “Sister” as a prefix to their secular names

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