The Community is open to women, married or single, who are baptized and confirmed members, in good standing, of the Anglican Communion or Catholic Church. Members of certain Continuing Anglican bodies may also be considered. Other than a minimum age of 18, there are no age restrictions. As part of the application process letters of recommendation from the applicant’s parish priest, and one other member of her congregation, must be submitted, along with birth, marriage (if applicable), baptismal and confirmation certificates.


Members of The Servants of the Sacred Cross proceed through a number of stages of development and learning upon entrance to the Community.

  • The Postulancy is a six to twelve month period of probation, discernment, study and initial training. This is the first stage of testing the vocation.

  • The Novice is one who has been Clothed in the habit of an SSC Novice with the white veil. She has not Professed Vows but lives in the "spirit" of the Vows. Formation in the Religious Life and study continue.

  • After a minimum of two years, the Novice may, with the necessary approvals, proceed to Profession of Vows. The navy veil and Profession Cross are presented. Vows are renewed annually for at least five years at which time the Sister may request to Profess Vows for Life, if she so desires.

All of those in Formation, Postulants and Novices, work closely with the Formation Director. As in any vocation to which one is called, there is a requirement for certain educational preparation in order to carry out the work. A course of study based on the Catechism of the respective ecclesial body is completed in the Postulancy. Novices complete study of Holy Scripture and Church History. These courses provide the basic minimum knowledge that Sisters are expected to need.

They are carried out by distance learning with the Formation Director acting as tutor and coordinator. There is also a required reading list. Books are provided.

At the discretion of the Superior, certain appropriate formal study that has previously been undertaken may qualify for dispensation from all or part of the Formation study. It is important for the Sister to realize that Formation continues through the ongoing stages of Religious Life, including that of the Professed, and all are encouraged to continue further study on their own. All educational pursuits should result in an increase of faith, hope and love in the Community.