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We Answer God's Call

Postulants - the beginning of the SSC journey.
Postulants with the Superior,
Formation Director and Vocation Director.

A Novice's habit rests on the altar
awaiting her Clothing at the Community Mass.
"My sister, what do you desire?" A Postulant is examined by the priest prior to being presented with the Novice habit.

"I desire the Grace and Mercy of God and admission as a Novice in The Servants of the Sacred Cross." recite the Postulants. They then extend their hands to receive their habits from the Priest who has blessed them on the altar. Having processed from the sanctuary to be vested the newly Clothed Novices kneel for the final blessing.

Mother presents two Novices for the First Profession of Vows as they receive the navy veil and Profession Cross. "Receive this cross and veil, knowing the sorrow of Christ and His rejection by this world; live by faith in the Son of God who suffered on the Cross for you; and come to know His joy, love, and peace so that you may share them with all mankind."

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